We are located in Bloomfield Michigan and don't get enough warmth, wind or water, Help send us to warm water by buying some pumps.

For several years we've been kiteboarding fools, rushing out of the office to grab a session or two. Being in Michigan the kiteboarding times are too far and few between. Although we love the exercise of pumping up the kite, it takes too long, especially if you head out with a 12M only have to come back an hour latter for a 16M so we developed the Kite Pump -

The Kite pump uses compressed air to fill up the kite. The Kite Pump comes in two versions a CO2 version, that uses CO2 compressed gas tanks (ie paint ball tanks) or an air tank version. In addition to using compressed air we use some cool technology to squeeze more air out of the tank then is put into it (its all in the fluid dynamics).

The CO2 system is perfect for the day warrior who needs about 3 fills per session. It is easy to refill at any sporting good store or welding supply shop and is pretty inexpensive as well. Each 20oz tank will fill about three 12M kites.

The air tank is a much higher capacity system. The tank has a maximum pressure of 4500 psi and has a capacity of about 6 to 8 kite fills.

Let us know how you like the pump - send us an email. .